About M-Tech Inc

The principals at M-Tech Inc have been involved with the development of the "Securitag System" Demo Plate Control and Asset Management products since the formation of the company, more than 30 years ago. From the outset there was a commitment to create the very best product possible to control use of and access to dealer demo plates. We understood from the beginning that no one can manage what they can't control. Securitag was the first and still is the only product of its kind developed from the ground up to meet the challenge of controlling dealer demo plates. The quality and durability of the Securitag Demo Plate Control System is renowned. Systems have been in operation for more than 25 years. During that time period only slight changes have been made to the product to make it work better and be more secure. We have always been pleased to provide full service for our products and regularly see 20 year old units come to us for refurbishment.

M-Tech Inc manufacturers all of the Demo Plate Management products from the locks which are assembled in house with components specially chosen to provide smooth operation and long life; to the specially designed plate magnets and the mounting systems and freestanding kiosks. This in house design and manufacturing capability makes M-Tech Inc uniquely able to fill the specific need of any dealership including custom built applications.

M-Tech Inc came into being in August 2000 when the current president, one of the original three partners, bought the interests of Mast Corp from his partners. M-Tech Inc has continued to provide retail automobile dealerships with the first real Dealer Demo Plate Control System. We have been involved in the perfecting and refining of the System for almost 30 years modifying the tooling and Manufacturing processes, improving sourcing for components and designing mounting systems. That's why we are the industry leader and the reason our products are used in more than 2500 dealerships all across North America.

The Future and M-Tech Inc

M-Tech Inc has formed alliances with Pacific Rim Automotive Systems, LLC and Security Enterprises LLC to allow it to offer a unique Mobile Asset Management Program to dealerships all across the country and Electronic Key Management systems for automobile dealers and other industries that need to control access to and use of large numbers of keys. After more than 25 years of involvement in providing Security and Asset Management systems to the retail Automobile Dealer, M-Tech Inc knows the market and can work with you to improve your profitability while reducing your liability exposure. We can provide systems and programs that not only provide a verifiable audit trail and that actually tracks your mobile assets but also provides an additional source of revenue and peace of mind knowing that for the first time YOU have control.