M-Tech Inc Accessories

The “Smart Box” Securitag® System

Proven Patented Demo Plate Control System Provides:

  • Fast, Easy Access to Tags.
  • Provides Improved Floor Control.
  • Provides Instant Lost Tag Identification.
  • Increases Security & Productivity.
  • Increases Profits & Reduces Lost or Stolen Demo Tags.
  • Reduces the Number of Tags Needed.
  • Reduces Liability Exposure & Insurance Costs.

WM Series Mounting Plates

Available in 3 sizes, consists of a solid 1/8th inch thick Aluminum Mounting Plate. This new mounting system facilitates and improves installation. It is ideal for use in the service department as well as other locations where demo plates are required.
Note: WM Series Mounting Plates:
A Great Way to improve Existing Securitag Installations.

Injection Molded Rubber Surround

Prevents edges of demo plates from famaging vehicle finishes. Installs easily on demo plates. May be used with or without magnets. Designed to work with "Securitag System".

Tag Handles

The smart way to mount demo plates on vehicles. Eliminates accidental plate loss. Reduces plate theft. Works well with "Securitag". 1 inch wide by 23 inches long.

Nylon Mounting Nuts & Bolts

Ideal for installing magnets on demo tags. May be used to secure tag handles. Will not rust or stain. Self locking flange-nut design. Reduces risk of damage to vehicle finishes.