Securitag: Demo Plate Control That Works

Give Management 24 Hour Control Over the Use of Plates

By limiting access to demo plates only to persons authorized and approved by management to use them, the Securitag system controls and manages the your demo plates for you. The system is comprised of a series of specially designed plate containment units which house the dealer plates and which are installed at a location convenient to all intended users. Since all dealer plates are available to all users all the time, the number of plates required to operate may be reduced, possibly by as much as 66%, depending on existing operational policy.

The Securitag system is designed to allow dealer plates to be used only by persons holding an access key. The dealer plates are fastened to specially constructed, co-polymer, magnet-bars that are supplied with the system.

Securitag is all you need to successfully manage your demo plates by keeping them readily available in a controlled access, secure environment. Securitag is a patented, proven dealer plate control system.

  • The only system designed and developed specifically to control demo plates.
  • Keeping demo plates visible helps reduce abuse.
  • User friendly, sales force driven system does not require supervision.
  • Works hand in hand with electronic key control systems.
  • Cost-effective method of maintaining control of demo plates.
  • Multiple Securitags can handle any size sales force.
  • Demo plates are accessed only by proprietary keys.
  • Compact Securitag design only measures: 15″ x 10.5″ x 3.5″

How it Works

The Securitag system provides a secure, convenient location for your demo plates. Each plate is locked behind a clear polycarbonate door, making the plate visible. The high security, American made, tubular key locks which are assembled to our strict specifications can be keyed alike or individually as required by our customers' needs. Each person requiring access to dealer demo plates is provided with a numbered key. These numbered keys are assigned to each person requiring access to the Securitag unit. We recommend that you take a security deposit from them or actually sell the keys to them. In either case, keep a record of the user's name and their key number. Demo plates are accessed by using the numbered keys. Once the demo plate is accessed and removed from the unit, the users' key is trapped by the Securitag unit and cannot be removed until the plate is replaced and the door closed. This makes each user accountable at all times as management can immediately identify the user who has the demo plate.

Types of Securitag Installations