Key Management & Control Systems

Key Kontrol is an unmatched electronic key management system that allows access to one key at a time. Key Kontrol can provide you with a substantial return on your investment - in reduced insurance costs, better monitoring of inventory, and more efficient use of employee time.


Track customers and build a valuable database with the reporting functions. Print reports to view customer and employee activity over a select period of time. Use the driver's license scanner to capture customer information quickly. The scanner automatically identifies driver's licenses from all over the world.


Network the Key Kontrol cabinet with office computers. Management has desktop access to allow monitoring of sales, employee and vehicle activity, as well as information from the customer database.

Key Kontrol System Overview

  • System includes the biometric fingerprint scanner for faster and more secure login
  • System includes an OCR Driver's License Scanner
  • Software is available in different languages
  • Custom controlled access through a login screen, utilizing user identification & passwords
  • User friendly touchscreen integrated onto machine
  • Secure internal carousel which opens to individuals bins, allowing access to one key at a time
  • Unique key management software is customizable to fit dealership needs
  • Unit is complete - No additional components, keys, tags or fobs to purchase



Customer Database

Use the driver’s license scanner mounted to each unit’s front door to capture customer information quickly. Create a database of customer leads to promote sales follow-ups. One swipe of the driver’s license will capture the information including name, address, license number and a complete image.

Dealership Experience: Advantages of Key Kontrol