Mobile Asset Management

A unique program has been developed specially for use by automobile dealerships to provide them with the tools they need to effectively manage their inventory and other mobile assets.

Know with certainty where each and every unit of inventory is at any time.

Know with certainty that every inventory unit is locked and secured every night.

Know with certainty if any unit of inventory is moved from your lot at any time.

Know with certainty the location of your mobile assets.

Benefit from reduced liability exposure and lower insurance costs. Utilize some of the special features of this comprehensive program to monitor the status of the electrical systems of the units in your inventory. Profit from sales of the system's hardware to your customers which will benefit from an impressive list of features and capabilities such as being able to lock or unlock doors remotely from anywhere as well as locate their vehicle or disable the engine start capability to mention just a few.

Dealership Program

Our Dealership Program provides improved vehicle inventory management control; courtesy fleet management; helps with staff efficiency; increases vehicle security for your dealership inventory; and all the while adding aftermarket sales revenue in the F&I and/or Aftermarket Sales Department. read more...