M-Tech Inc Protag

No-Marr Magnet Bar: Proven magnet bar concept for dealer demo plates

  • Co-polymer construction eliminates damaged finishes
  • Color coded wear indicators
  • Works with "Securitag"

Injection Molded Rubber Surround: Prevents edges of demo plates from damaging vehicle finishes

  • Installs easily on demo plates
  • May be used with or without magnets.
  • Designed to work with "Securitag System"

Tag Handle: The Smart Way to Mount Demo Plates on Vehicles with Non-Metallic Surfaces

  • Elimates accidental plate loss
  • Reduces plate theft
  • Works on all types of vehicles
  • Works well with "Securitag"
  • Heavy duty woven nylon material
  • 1 inch wide by 23 inches long

Nylon Mounting Nuts & Bolts: Ideal for installing magnets on demo plates

  • Used to secure tag handles
  • Will not rust or stain
  • Self locking flange-nut design
  • Special length eliminates risk of damage to vehicle finishes