Securitag Tag Tower

A management control system for dealer license plates

Our handsome high-quality lustrous black laminate Securitag Tag Tower with its built-in ability meets the demo plate requirements of a sales force of up to 48 strong. Securitag Tag Tower is all you need to successfully manage your demo plates by keeping them readily available in a controlled access, secure environment.

The Securitag Tag Tower was designed as a result of 20 years of providing dealer demo plate security solutions. Designed to meet the demo plate availability, control and security requirements of modern dealerships, the Securitag Tag Tower incorporates the proven, patented Securitag system into a durable lustrous black laminate cabinet. It provides a secure environment, easily meeting the demo plate requirements for a sales force of up to 48 sales persons. It is designed for mounting up to 16 Securitag units (8 per side) at any location in your show room.

The Securitag Tag Tower provides secure convenient location for your demo plates. Each plate is locked behind a clear polycarbonate door, making the plate visible. The high security, American made, tubular key locks which are assembled to our strict specifications can be keyed alike or individually as required by our customers' needs. Each person requiring access to dealer demo plates is provided with a numbered key. These numbered keys are assigned to each person requiring access to the Tag Tower. We recommend that you take a security deposit from them or actually sell the keys to them. In either case, keep a record of the user's name and their key number. Demo plates are accessed by using the numbered keys. Once the demo plate is accessed and removed from the Tag Tower, the users' key is trapped by the Tag Tower and cannot be removed until the plate is replaced and the door closed. This makes each user accountable at all times as management can immediately identify the user who has the demo plate.

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