Use Dealer Plate Control to Ease Your Managers’ Workload

Summer is here, I really wanted to be able to write something up beat and optimistic with some suggestions of how you can utilize better access control systems to improve efficiency, lighten work loads on managers, lower operating costs, reduce liability exposure and improve sales.

I just returned from a short road trip where I was able to meet and speak with many general managers and sales managers at several different locations. I am always amazed when I see how hectic their day is. At one point, I was in the managers office of a busy store along with four other people, all wanting to speak with him, all expecting him to solve some problem or approve some part of a negotiation or provide an answer to some question. We were all waiting while he was on the phone dealing with another situation. Does this scenario seem somehow familiar? Kind of like DĂ©jĂ  Vu all over again? You bet it does.

I was there to talk to him about Dealer Demo Plate Control since I had been told that it was his responsibility to ascertain that all demo tags at this dealership were properly accounted for. I wanted to explain to him how a good Demo Tag Access Control System could lighten his workload; that by installing and implementing a proven, client driven Access Control System such as “Securitag” from M-Tech a manager can reduce the number of tags required to operate the store efficiently through ‘controlled sharing’. Controlled Sharing is managed completely by the ACS (Access Control System) and the manager can visually appraise the status of the system and the disposition of the demo tags it controls at any time thereby knowing if any tags are lost or missing almost instantly. Being able to identify and report lost, missing or stolen tags belonging to the dealership in a timely manner is very important to the dealership, the dealership’s liability insurance provider and to law enforcement and public security authorities.

I waited for a break in the action and when he finally looked quizzically up at me as if to say ‘and what do you want?’ I did my very best to make my presentation as quickly and concisely as possible, it only takes about five minutes, but we were interrupted at least three times by people who had to speak to that manager about important dealership business matters. When the presentation was concluded, the manager thanked me, apologized for the interruptions and assured me he understood the advantages of having a Dealer Demo Tag Access Control System. I’m still working on that sale. I know that manager, like so many others, needs to reduce his workload. I know that the dealership, like every dealership, really needs the control and I know that a good Demo Tag Access Control System can fill both these needs. I wonder how long it will take, or what disaster will have to occur before owners and managers will make the decision to install an ACS to secure their Dealer Demo Tags and take some of the load off those busy managers?