Dealership Program

Mobile Asset ControlOur Dealership Program provides improved vehicle inventory management control; helps with staff efficiency; increases vehicle security for your dealership inventory; and all the while adding aftermarket sales revenue in the F&I and/or Aftermarket Sales Department.

The Dealership program starts when your dealership preloads our devices on vehicle inventory. When a vehicle is sold, the dealership then sells the device to the purchaser, typically in the F&I or Aftermarket Sales Department. When purchased by the retail customer, the product has slightly different features, yet still comes with robust capabilities to protect and benefit the owner.

The Dealership program includes two website accounts: the first for the dealership's access and management, and the second for the retail customer's access and management. Dealership and customer's access do not require software downloads, since they are both web-based. The retail customers' web account may optionally be linked through the dealership's established website. This gives the dealership an opportunity to place sales, parts and service specials in front of the customer every time they access the unit. As your customers drive their vehicles, the Parts and Service Departments will receive alerts informing them that the customer has reached pre-set mileage increments (i.e., 5,000, 7,500, 15,000 miles). The dealership can then contact customers and schedule appropriate maintenance services.

M-Tech Inc: Providing Dealership Inventory Management and Aftermarket Revenue from Sales to Retail Customers. Contact us to learn more...

Some of the Features & Benefits of the Asset Management System from M-Tech Inc Include:

  • Enable/Disable – Factory set "Auto Clock" to disable and enable the starter at pre-set times each evening and morning, with manual override via the website.
  • Lock/Unlock – Factory set "Auto Clock" to lock and unlock the doors at the pre-set times each evening and morning, with manual override via the website.
  • Geomarkers – Factory set Geomarkers with 24/7 monitoring of the perimeter of dealership locations.
  • Speed Exceeded – When a vehicle exceeds a preset speed an alert is sent with a text message to a designated cell phone and/or e-mail.
  • En-route Time – When a vehicle is in motion for preset times of 10 or 30 minutes an alert can be sent.
  • Stationary Stop – Can send an alert once the vehicle is idle or stopped for a pre-configured amount of time.
  • Battery Low – If the battery voltage drops below 10.3 volts an alert is sent.
  • Door Unlock/Lock – Door unlock or lock on command via the website or Smartphone, if the vehicle is equipped with power door locks.
  • On-Demand Locating – This feature allows dealership management to quickly and easily locate vehicles by simply logging on to the secure dealership website and clicking on the 'Locate' button.
  • Interval Tracking – This feature allows you to set a device to send messages at specific preset intervals. Every 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 4 hrs, 24 hrs, 10 days or 30 days.
  • Service Alerts – Dealership receives mileage threshold notifications when customer vehicles reach pre-programmed service intervals (5,000, 10,000, 15,000 miles, etc). This enables the service department to contact the customer for routine service work, which improves service profits and helps build customer loyalty and retention.
  • Geomarker – This feature can be set up as a radius or polygon. Device can be configured to send message if vehicle enters or exits a set boundry.
  • Idling Alarm – An alarm triggered when the vehicle has been idling for longer than the pre-configured time. Idling is when the vehicle ignition is on but vehicle is not moving.
  • Internet-based Software – No application software to download to a PC.
  • Pooled Exchange Units – 100 'Exchange Units' per vehicle (pooled) for the dealership's use.
  • 'Exchange Units' – Factory set starter disable/enable and lock/unlock features do not use an 'Exchange' from the dealership's pool.
  • Heartbeat Interval – Predetermined status update programmed at a set interval as long as the device has power. Default setting is 168 hours. (Does not use exchanges from dealer exchange pool.
  • Real-Time Alerts & Notifications – Customizable alerts set by the dealership allow for a text message and/or e-mail notifying when the unit is in motion; if the vehicle is speeding; and if it has left or entered preset geo-markers.
  • State of the Art Mapping & Imaging – Using Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth to show unit location information in road map, aerial, hybrid and bird's eye view.
  • F&I or After Sales Departments – The dealership sets the price to the customer. High margin and effective add-on sales in these departments increase profits and provide a feature few competing dealerships can offer.

Improved vehicle inventory management control, raising staff efficiency, and increasing vehicle security for your dealership, while adding aftermarket sales revenue to your dealership's bottomline. 

Improves Vehicle Inventory Security and Increases Aftermarket Sales