Retail Program

Mobile Asset ControlAre you concerned about family safety? Are you looking for tracking technology to protect your business’s mobile assets? M-Tech Inc's Retail program is the solution.

Through your own on-line account, our mobile asset management technology locates your vehicle anywhere cell phones work. With the click of a mouse, you can quickly locate, monitor, protect, and control your vehicle or mobile equipment.

If lost or stolen, the program can aid in the recovery of your car, with many insurance companies offering discounts for vehicles with the devices installed.



Some of the Many Consumer Features & Benefits of the mobile asset control device.

  • On-Demand Locating – This feature allows you to quickly and easily locate your vehicle by simply logging onto the website and clicking the 'Locate' button.
  • Speed Exceeded – When a vehicle exceeds a speed that you set, notification with a text message to a cell phone and/or an e-mail will be sent.
  • Stationary Stop – All stops made by a vehicle during a given time period may be monitored.
  • En-route Time – You are able to monitor where and when a vehicle is in motion.
  • LotWatchmanStarter Disable/Enable – Vehicle owners may send a command at any time to prevent their vehicle from being started. This optional feature protects vehicles when appropriate and allows customers to regain control of a missing vehicle. For safety, the vehicle's starter will not disable while the engine is running. Users can also use the web site to enable the starter to work, for instance, after an authorized driver or the police have arrived at the vehicle's location.
  • Geomarker – This feature allows users to receive alerts when their vehicle enters or leaves a pre-defined geographical area. Several Geomarkers can be defined.
  • On-Demand Door Unlock/Lock – When their vehicle is equipped with power door locks, users can unlock/lock the vehicle's doors, using a smart cell phone or by clicking on a command button in their website account.
  • Battery Low – If the vehicle's battery voltage drops below 10.3 volts the user can be notified.
  • Real-time Alerts & Notifications – Customizable alerts that the user sets sends a text message and/or an e-mail notifying when the unit is in motion; if the vehicle is speeding; and/or if it has entered or left the customizable Geomarkers.
  • State of the Art Mapping & Imaging – The "Auto Watchman" uses Google Earth and/or Microsoft Virtual Earth to show unit location information in road map, aerial, hybrid and/or bird's eye views.
  • Support Agreement – The customer's first year's support and website subscription is included from the date of sale of a vehicle with the AutoWatchman installed.
  • First Year Exchanges – Customer receives 500 'exchanges' the first year.
  • No Monthly Fees – The first year's support and website subscription is included in the purchase price. The 2nd year's renewal subscriptions are only $69, and include an additional 200 exchanges.

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  • Increased Vehicle Inventory Security
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